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South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families helps reunite father and his son

When Branden came to Midlands Fatherhood Coalition, he had one focus – to find a way back into his two-year-old son’s life. Branden and the mother of his child struggled to cope with the stresses of parenthood. Their relationship turned volatile and Branden was denied access to his son. No communication. No visitation. Hiring an attorney was out of the question. A low-wage job and no high school diploma added to the obstacles Branden needed to overcome if he was to be the dad his son needed.

At Midlands Fatherhood Coalition, Branden developed his “One Man Plan” to address education needs, economic stability, and relationship skills. With staff support, Branden obtained his GED and applied to a local college. He became a certified flagger with a road construction crew. Most importantly, the program’s parenting and co-parenting classes helped Branden reestablish a relationship with his son’s mother. He now sees his son regularly. His next goal is to secure housing which will provide a place he and his son can call home.

Each day the Center for Fathers and Families works to provide the means for men, like Branden, to become the fathers they want to be. The success of SCCFF programs can be reflected by measuring growth and reporting outcomes, but the true impact of your support is best evidenced by the changed lives and inspiring stories of the fathers we serve.

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