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Thanks to Healthy Learners, second grader loses toothache pain and is smiling again

Second-grader Keith* had a painful toothache. He visited the school nurse daily, complaining of his teeth hurting and was reluctant to eat because of the pain. Needless to say, he did not smile much and his mind was focused on his hurting mouth rather than learning. Although he had Medicaid coverage, he was from a single-parent family and his mother did not have transportation to take him to the dentist.

The school nurse contacted Healthy Learners, who quickly scheduled Keith for an exam and x-rays. The dentist determined Keith needed nine teeth extracted. While nervous about having teeth pulled, Keith was cooperative and eager to be pain free. The extractions were done over several visits. Impressions were taken for a lingual arch space maintainer, which would hold space until permanent teeth came in. The space maintainer was cemented in place and Keith learned about proper care of his teeth and the space maintainer. Happy to be out of pain, his smile now lit up the room.

While working with Keith, Healthy Learners learned that his older brother also needed dental care. Healthy Learners took Tim* for an exam and x-rays. At follow-up visits, the dentist extracted one tooth, filled four cavities, and gave proper tooth-care instruction. A lack of reliable transportation was the barrier in ensuring they received proper dental care. Thanks to the support of friends like you, Healthy Learners helped to get emergency and restorative dental care for both Keith and Tim, so they could live pain free and focus on learning.

*His name has been changed

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